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Gen Oil, a quality Siddha Oil, is an excellent pain remover.

Manufactured by GEN PHARMA, a branch of GEN SIDDHA HOSPITAL, and it is distributed and sold by many druggists all over Tamil Nadu.The founder of this Gen Pharma is Kannan alias Veeravel.

Through his vast experience with Siddha herbs and medicines he has been treating patients with arthritic problems and all kinds of pain in a simple but exquisite manner.

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He has been blessed with traditional knowledge handed over by his ancestors who had been treating all patients with pain in the neck, knee joint pain, ankle joint pain, calf muscle pain, burning sensation of foot, shoulder pain, muscular pain, low back pain, hip joint pain, blood clotting, inflammation, hamstring strain and all kinds of sprain and contusion with this superb oil for over two generations.

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This Gen Oil has proved to be a marvelous pain remover for the past 100 years with no equal.

This is a patented oil with the approval of the Tamil Nadu Government.

Method of use :
Wherever there is pain, just apply a few drops of this oil and you will find that the pain and inflammation disappears. The oil when applied over the skin, by way of absorption and penetration to deeper tissues reaches the site of pain and banishes it. The first application brings about relaxation of the muscles and reduces pain to a certain extent.

When applied again further relaxation is brought about leading to further reduction in pain. Subsequent applications keep on decreasing pain ultimately leading to a pain free state. Wrong food habits bring about a reduction of synovial fluid in the joints leading to friction and pain even due to slight movement. The joint pains of excruciating nature are completely relieved by using Gen Oil. By bringing about lubrication in the joint space in a phased manner the pain is reduced within a couple of days. The longer the duration of suffering, the more the oil is recommended because it has been proved to banish pain completely.The freedom from all kinds of pain with usage of Gen Oil is definite. This has been proved by practical experience.

Sariva Robasta 2%
Hemedusmus Induscus 2%
Rubia Cardiofolia 2%
Honey Wax 2%
Karpoor 2%
Hmatoxyfom Compeciium 2%
Gingelly Oil Base
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Gen Oil, a quality Sidha Oil, is an excellent pain remover. This is a patented oil and the license number is Mfg. Lic. No. 962 / 25D